IMG_4996At Clearview Clinic we use integrative, holistic treatment approach to addiction therapy. This invites clients to move from a place of desperation to a place of hope and life. Our team of therapists are trained in other evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and family and individual therapy.

Clearview clinic puts a strong emphasis on behavior modification where we promote good habits and healthy lifestyle. We provide four intensive group therapy sessions daily as well as individual sessions on a weekly basis. Clients are expected to attend all group sessions. Time management and discipline are very important aspects of the program.

We believe the basic living skills and personal responsibility that substance abuse so often destroy are necessary to be rehabilitated as soon as each client starts the program.

IMG_5089Our nursing staff is actively involved in the recovery process of each client, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that each client is closely observed at all times and treatment aspects such as detoxification, mental and physical health, healthy diet, monitoring medication and therapeutic interventions are an uninterrupted process throughout each client’s journey to recovery at Clearview Clinic.


Admissions are done on emergency, booking or referral basis.  All clients are individually assessed medically and undergo full psychiatric evaluation on admission. Treatment plans are formulated to address individual needs from detoxification phase to reintegration phase.