ADOLESCENTS : The connection between mental disorders an substance abuse

Adolescents also suffer from mental health illnesses. Adolescents with prior mental disorders have a Higher risk of using/abusing alcohol and other illegal drugs. Substance abuse amongst adolescents causes a huge problem in every area of a young person’s life. A lot of the time adolescents’ experiment with drugs and alcohol, but a few realize the risks and consequences.

Experimentation is something that is real and is one of the things that play a big role in teenage drug abuse. Some of the other most common reasons behind teenagers experimenting with drugs or continuing to take them include: 

  • Curiosity
  • Peer pressure
  • To gain weight/lose weight
  • To relax from the Stress
  • Emotional struggles
  • A desire to escape

Drug abuse during adolescence may increase a young’s person’s risk for developing an addiction later in life when they are adults (Casey, Jones, & Hare, 2008).

 ‘’Recognizing anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders—and even the symptoms of these conditions—in youth and helping children to cope, treating them when necessary, is the best approach because then they will be less likely to seek drugs and alcohol to treat the symptoms of these conditions,” Kathleen R. Merikangas, PhD.

1. The adolescent brain.Casey BJ, Jones RM, Hare TA.Ann NY AcadSci. 2008Mar; 1124():111-26


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