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Clearview Clinic is a private residential drug and alcohol recovery facility. We offer a Retreat from substance and drug addiction. The Clinic gives you a golden opportunity of entry to sober ways of living. It is situated in lush subtropical gardens on the outskirts of Pretoria. Our facilities are clean and well maintained, they have the same look of a private resort.

Clearview Clinic is Fully licensed with the Department of Health and Social Development of South Africa. We also have a licensed Youth Unit which caters for boys (12-18years). Our rehabilitation program is revolutionary as it rest philosophically on the foundations of integrative approach to addiction.

The Clinic caters for all drug and substance abuse problems. We provide, a world-class Therapeutic Program. Clearview Clinic puts a strong emphasis on behavior modification where we promote good habits and healthy lifestyle. We provide four intensive group therapy sessions daily as well as individual sessions on a weekly basis. All clients are expected to attend all group sessions. Time management and discipline are very important aspects of the program.

Our clients are attended to by a Professional team of Qualified Practitioners. Our nursing staff is actively involved in the recovery process of each client, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that each client is closely observed at all times and treatment aspects such as detoxification, mental and physical health, healthy diet, monitoring medication and therapeutic interventions are an uninterrupted process throughout each client’s journey to recovery at Clearview Clinic.

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